A Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Fashion - Soek Sunglasses
April 14, 2022

A Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion? 

Sustainable Fashion - Soek Sunglasses Australia


You have probably heard the term ‘sustainable fashion’ before, but unless you have taken it upon yourself to research the phrase, you are probably unsure of what it means. 

Clothing and other fashion goods that are designed, manufactured, and distributed in an ecologically responsible manner are referred to as sustainable fashion. The truth is, most of the fashion industry today is not environmentally friendly. The most dominant way of producing fashion items these days is referred to as ‘fast fashion.’ 

Fast fashion, as the name implies, is intended to be designed, produced, and consumed rapidly and at a low cost. It is cheap, trendy clothing that is produced at high volume and record speeds to be able to keep up with the high demand of consumers. 

This practice is the opposite of sustainable, as it depletes the Earth’s natural resources, while increasing  waste with each passing season and trend. 

Why Should You Care about Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is about protecting Earth’s natural resources, including people and animals. 

Fast fashion contributes to pollution - The pressure to produce fashion at such high volumes in so little time leaves room for cutting corners and overlooking the use of cheap, toxic dyes and materials. 

Sustainable Fashion - Soek Sunglasses

Cheap textiles such as polyester are made from fossil fuels, one of the largest contributors to global warming. 

Fast Fashion exploits workers - Humans also suffer at the mercy of fast fashion. Many of these garment workers work in unsafe environments, while being paid very low wages with abuse to their basic human rights. 

Fast fashion harms animals - Animals suffer both directly and indirectly as a result of fast fashion. Animals are killed to produce leather and fur, unbeknownst to shoppers. Many producers choose to make the actual item since it is now cheaper to produce than faux, however these materials are occasionally mislabeled as "faux."

Animals also suffer due to toxic dyes and microfibers, which are sometimes released in waterways. These harmful materials are ingested by the animals, which can cause them to become ill or die.

Fast fashion coerces consumers - Due to the nature of ever evolving trends and the push for people to keep up, people have developed a “throw-away” culture. This encourages consumers to throw out “outdated” clothes or clothes that are no longer considered trendy, even if they are in good condition. 

This is a dysfunctional way to look at clothing, and consumers end up wasting thousands yearly, trying to keep up with the trends. 

How to Make a Difference

Step 1: Buy less, flip more - instead of jumping onto each new trend that comes about, purchase quality pieces that will last for seasons to come. Additionally, you can remix clothes you already own and make them more trendy and in style. Revive your older jeans pants by flipping them into a cute pair of shorts. 

Step 2: Choose high quality eco-friendly brands - Research brands that are eco-friendly and whose mission it is to produce quality sustainable clothing and accessories. These brands are environmentally conscious and hence produce their merchandise with this in mind. 

Step 3: Make it last - There is no reason you should be trashing your clothes after just a few wears. By paying attention to the care instructions and repairing minor damages, your clothes will begin to last longer. Instead of throwing them out after a few wears, wear them until they are completely worn out. 

Sustainable Eyewear Fashion - Soek Sunglasses

Soek, a Sustainable Fashion Brand 

Our sunglasses are eco-friendly and our raw materials include durable bamboo and hardwoods, and 100% sustainable timber from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited suppliers. All our materials are renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements. 

When thinking of sustainable sunglasses, think of SOEK.