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April 14, 2022

Why Sunglasses Are Important For Kids?

The Importance of Sunglasses for Kids

Let’s be honest, sunglasses are pretty cool. They can add a level of swag to any look. But, sunnies aren’t just a great fashion accessory, they also protect the eyes, especially for children. Many parents may be hesitant to let their children wear sunglasses, but once they realize the degree of protection they provide, they may reconsider.

sunglasses are important for kids - Soek Sunglasses Australia

How do Kids’ Eyes Differ from Adults’? 

The sun’s UV rays are harmful to everyone’s skin and eyes. However, children are even more at risk for diseases associated with UV ray damage because they are more fragile. Here are five kid-eye facts you probably didn’t know. 

Why do Children Need Sunglasses?

  1. The lens of a child's eye transmits about 70% more UV than an adult’s eye, which puts their retina at a higher risk for eye diseases associated with UV damage.

  2. Children tend to look up more due to their height, hence their risk of exposure is far more than the average adult. 

  3. Children are outdoors more, at school, during recess, or even for playtime in the park or backyard. Their level of exposure to UV rays is therefore typically higher than adults. Hence, it is likely that more than 50% of their lifetime exposure to the sun will occur before age 20. 

  4. Sunlight reflects off of surfaces like glass, sand, snow, and water. While hats are great, they only protect the eyes from the light shining above. Sunglasses provide all-around protection.

  5. Ozone depletion is happening far more rapidly now and continues to decrease yearly. That means our children have less protection from the sun’s UV rays than we do as children. 

Eye Issues Caused by Sunlight Damage

The sun’s UV rays can cause severe damage to the eyes, both instantly and long term. The key to preventing these diseases is to start protection as early as possible. Some of these diseases include: 


This is classified as the clouding of the lens of your eye, which under normal circumstances is clear. Cataracts develop overtime and can be caused by spending a lot of time in the sun. 


Also known as surfer’s eye, Pterygium is a raised, wedged-shaped growth in the eye from the conjunctiva that extends onto the cornea. These growths can occur on either side of the eye and are caused by exposure to UV rays. 

Skin Cancer Near the Eyes:

We know you’re thinking, “but sunscreen is supposed to protect their skin.” This is true, however, sunscreen isn’t recommended for areas close to the eyes as they can cause irritation. As a result, this region is frequently neglected and exposed to UV rays. Sunglasses are able to protect this delicate skin around the eyes. 

Best Sunnies for Children

sunglasses are important for children - Soek Sunglasses

You can protect your little ones’ eyes and still have them look cool and fashionable. Our Little Soek line provides sunnies for children from ages 4-14. These cute, eco-friendly sunglasses also have polarised lens options to deliver the best protection. 

It’s not too late to give your children the protection they deserve!