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April 12, 2022

2022 Style Guide For Pairing Outfits With Your Sunglasses

Top 4 Eyewear Trends for 2022

Out with the gloom and doom and in with the fun and funk! 2022 fashion trends are all about bringing back colour and expressing how awesome it feels to get back to some level of normalcy after the past two years. And sunglasses are not to be left out. 

Most people probably think of their sunglasses as an afterthought. Maybe you have a pair or two in your vehicle, or you grab it only when going to the beach or doing outdoor activities, but being able to properly pair your sunglasses with your outfit can take your entire style up a notch! 

Just as with clothes and shoes, sunglasses also go through different trends and styles throughout the years. With the various shapes, styles and colours that sunglasses come in, it may be hard to know exactly how to incorporate them into your outfit. 

AVALON -Magenta Pink Sustainable Sunglasses with Mustard Wooden Striped Arms - Soek Sunglasses

Additionally, knowing how to select styles and colours to not only match your outfit but your face shape and complexion is a big plus. Many persons will stick to one style simply because they are afraid to try something new. But, if you have a general playbook, you will be able to confidently select styles, designs and colours to suit any occasion and season. 

This blog will give you the ultimate guide for finding the best sunglasses for you. 

  1. Classic and consistent - You have to consider your sunglasses as a part of your outfit as opposed to just something to throw on. But it’s always great to own a pair of versatile sunglasses that are able to match almost any outfit.

    The last thing you want is for your outfit to be giving “Monday morning professional”, but your sunglasses are saying “Friday afternoon sporty.” A classic, safe option is a pair of black square frames. Our Balmoral or Dalton are perfect examples.

  2. Get funky with cat-eyes - Don’t be afraid to spunk up your look with sunglasses that don’t look like your everyday pair. Grabbing a pair of sunglasses with a vintage edge is a really cool way to show your fun personality while still looking stylish.

    Cat-eye shaped sunglasses are flattering on nearly every face shape and are definitely a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Our Savannah Blush Pink or Savannah Nude are great options!
    SAVANNAH BLUSH PINK - Wooden Polarised Sunglasses with Brown Gradient Lens and Walnut Arms - Adult - Soek Sunglasses

  3. Add a pop with colour -  Colour is in this season! When it comes to fashion, 2022 is all about the bold and bright, and your sunglasses are a part of that package. The fun thing about bright, bold coloured sunglasses is that you have options. If you choose to go fully monochromatic, you can match your entire outfit to one colour. Or, you can colour block your sunnies with your outfit!

    Some of our favourites when it comes to bold colours are our Bronte - Blue, Avalon -Magenta Pink and the Australian Soek - Yellow

  4. Make a statement - Even your most simple outfits can become really interesting and eye-catching with a pair of statement sunglasses. Sunglasses with your not-so-typical shape or with patterns and multicoloured frames are exceptional at jazzing up a simple outfit. You can even have fun with coloured lenses. 

Check out our Lila Grace Ivory Tortoise, our Noosa - Tortoise, and the Riviera Tortoise

So, no matter your style or the season, there is a pair of sunglasses to match every outfit!