types of sunglasses
June 13, 2023

Unleash Your Style: Exploring the Different Types of Sunglasses

Types of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory!

They are vital for protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and reduce the risk of long-term damage.

At SOEK®, we understand the importance of finding the perfect shades that protect your eyes and reflect your style.

Eye Protection and Style: Discover the Different Types of Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses, made famous by pilots, are a timeless classic. With their large, teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal frames, aviators exude a sense of adventure and sophistication. These sunglasses offer excellent protection from the sun and add a touch of cool to any outfit.

Round Sunglasses

If you're a fan of retro vibes, round sunglasses are the perfect choice. Inspired by the '60s and '70s, these circular frames add a touch of vintage charm to your look. Round sunglasses come in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your face shape.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are all about feminine elegance. These frames create a striking and seductive look with their upswept outer edges. Cat eye sunglasses are popular among those who want to make a bold fashion statement and embrace their inner diva.

Wrap Sunglasses

Wrap sunglasses are perfect for leading an active lifestyle or enjoying outdoor sports. These sunglasses wrap around your face, providing maximum coverage and protection against UV rays and wind. With their sporty design, wrap sunglasses are both practical and stylish.

Heart Sunglasses

Bring some love to your eyewear collection with heart-shaped sunglasses. These playful frames add a whimsical touch to any outfit. Heart sunglasses are a fantastic choice for festivals, parties, or for adding a touch of fun to your look.

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses offer a bold and confident aesthetic. Their sharp lines and angular frames exude a sense of power and sophistication. Square sunglasses are an excellent choice for individuals with round or oval face shapes.

Oval Sunglasses

Oval sunglasses are known for their timeless appeal and versatility. These frames suit various face shapes and can effortlessly enhance your natural features. Whether dressing up or keeping it casual, oval sunglasses are a reliable choice.

Rectangle Sunglasses

For a sleek and modern look, turn to rectangle sunglasses. These sunglasses offer a contemporary twist with their straight top line and rectangular frames. Rectangle sunglasses are ideal for individuals with round or oval face shapes.

Butterfly Sunglasses

Embrace your inner fashionista with butterfly sunglasses. These frames feature oversized lenses and distinctive winged edges, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your look. Butterfly sunglasses are perfect for those who want to make a bold and feminine statement.

Hexagonal Sunglasses

For a unique and avant-garde style, opt for hexagonal sunglasses. With its six-sided shape, these sunglasses offer a fresh and contemporary look. Hexagonal sunglasses are a popular choice among trendsetters and fashion-forward individuals.

Octagonal Sunglasses

Step outside the box with octagonal sunglasses. These frames combine geometric precision with a touch of edginess. Octagonal sunglasses are perfect for those who want to make a fashion statement and stand out.

Sunnies for Every Occasion at SOEK®

Choosing sunglasses that make you feel confident and comfortable while providing eye protection is the most crucial factor.

Remember, at SOEK®, we prioritize quality, style, and sustainability. We offer eco-friendly sunglasses that allow you to enjoy the outdoors while being a conscious consumer.

So, whether you're rocking blue lens readers or simply searching for stylish sunnies, explore the diverse range of sunglasses available and find the perfect fit for your unique style and personality.

Protect your eyes and make a fashion statement with SOEK® sunglasses, the epitome of conscious consumerism and eco-friendly products.