Eco-Friendly Shades: Your Guide to Environmentally Friendly Sunglasses
November 15, 2023

Eco-Friendly Shades: Your Guide to Environmentally Friendly Sunglasses

Eco Friendly Sunglasses

What if you could have the coolest sunnies and care for the environment at the same time? 

Well, guess what, you can! 

Being environmentally friendly with sunglasses is simpler than you might think. 

By making conscious choices about the materials, brands, and maintenance of your shades, you can simultaneously protect your eyes and the planet. 

Let's dive in and find out how you can make a difference while looking stylish.

Choosing Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Our sunglasses are handcrafted using environmentally friendly processes from durable bamboo and hardwoods such as maple, ebony and walnut. All natural materials used are renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements.

When it comes to being eco-friendly with sunglasses, it all starts with the materials. 

Opt for sunglasses made from sustainable materials like:

  • Bamboo
  • Recycled Plastics
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Plant Based Materials

These materials are stylish and kind to the environment, ensuring your shades are fashionable and earth-conscious.

Recycling and Upcycling Sunglasses

Don't toss old sunglasses!

Instead, consider recycling or upcycling them. Numerous organisations and eyewear brands are dedicated to accepting old sunglasses for recycling or refurbishing. 

By giving your old shades a second life through these programs, you reduce waste and actively contribute to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

It's a small effort that makes a significant difference.

Longevity and Maintenance

Extend the life of your sunglasses by taking good care of them

Clean them regularly, keep them in a protective case, and avoid leaving them in hot or humid places. A little maintenance goes a long way in reducing the need for replacements.

Eco-Conscious Brands and Manufacturers

Support eco-conscious and sustainable brands and manufacturers like Soek. 

These companies prioritise sustainability, using responsible materials and ethical manufacturing processes. You're investing in a greener future by choosing sunglasses from such brands. 

Supporting Environmental Initiatives

Consider buying sunglasses from brands that give back to the environment. 

For instance, Soek partners with "One Tree Planted" and plants a tree for every pair of sunglasses sold. This way, you contribute to reforestation and help combat climate change. 

Reducing Packaging and Waste

When you pick sunglasses, think about their packaging. Choose ones with less or eco-friendly packaging. 

It's not just about looks. 

Too much packaging leads to problems for the environment. Landfills get filled with material that doesn't break down. 

So, go for sunnies with earth-friendly packaging. This isn't just about style; it's about helping the environment. 

You're making a difference by cutting waste and supporting a cleaner planet. Your choice is a step towards a better, greener future.

Protect Your Eyes and the Planet with Soek's Sustainable Styles

SOEK specialises in selling high-quality eco-friendly sunglasses! They focus on using sustainable materials, minimising waste, and giving back to the planet. 

All of Soek’s frames are made from plant-based materials such as reclaimed wood and bamboo. 

Soek offers a fantastic range of sustainable sunglasses, making it easy for you to look stylish and eco-friendly. 

Don't wait! Check out their collection and join the eco-friendly fashion movement today!

By choosing Soek, you get stylish shades and support a brand that cares for the environment.