Summer in Australia
February 03, 2023

What to Do this Summer in Australia?

Activities You Need to Do in Australia

Make this summer a season to remember and discover Australia’s great outdoors. Grab your shoes, sunscreen, and Soek sunnies and enjoy all Australia offers!

Experience the Great Outdoors

Summer in Australia falls between December and February and boasts sunny days and balmy temperatures. A large nation, the north of Australia falls in a more tropical climate, and the summer season takes place in the wet season, meaning some tourism operations are closed due to flood risks. Head to Southern Australia for the best outdoor summer experiences and enjoy the hot and sunny weather as you explore the experiences on offer.

With rich natural biodiversity, varied landscapes and stunning weather, the Aussie outdoors is the perfect backdrop for your summer activities, whether you’re heading to the beach, taking in nature or travelling through the outback.

For those looking for more active pursuits, Australia boasts world-class hiking trails and cycling tracks, allowing fun-seekers a chance to get active while enjoying Australia’s natural bounty.

Soak up the Sun at the Beach

Australia is home to some of the most popular beaches in the world, and the 11 000+ beaches you’ll find offer fun for all kinds of beachgoers, whether you’re a surfer, sun soaker or sightseer. If you want to visit Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, you’ll be able to take in one of the most popular beaches in the world, right next door to world-class eateries and bustling nightlife.

If you’re looking for more peaceful surroundings, take a trip to Misery Beach in WA, recently anointed Australia’s best beach with its pristine sands and crystal waters.

City Sights and Delights

If you’re looking to take in the summer while enjoying the high life, look no further than Australia’s culinary delights and world-renowned wine routes. Enjoy freshly shucked oysters at Coffin Bay and visit Western Australia’s famous Margaret River for vineyards and tourist destinations.

Experience Instagram-worthy culinary delights and enjoy idyllic surroundings with a bevy of amazing restaurants to make your summer season a delicious one. Some of the top restaurants in the world call Australia home, and you’ll find no shortage of world-class eateries, particularly in Victoria and New South Wales.

Australia’s tourist destinations are unique in the global context as they include not just monuments and historical venues but also a rich array of natural spots. Visit Uluru and pay homage to the native heritage of Australia and take a trip along the Great Ocean Road, where you’ll find spectacular surf along one of Australia’s most popular touring routes.

Enjoy the Summer In Style

When enjoying the great Australian outdoors, it’s essential to stay safe and stylish with sunscreen, sun protection and sunglasses. Protect your eyes from UV damage with our range of stylish, sustainable sunglasses. Offering the perfect balance between comfort and style, our ethically produced sunglasses are the ideal accompaniment to a memorable Australian summer.