Say Goodbye to Smudges: Tips for Caring about Your Sunglasses Effectively
April 22, 2023

Say Goodbye to Smudges: Tips for Caring about Your Sunglasses Effectively

Nothing completes a summer look quite like a pair of stylish shades.

But as much as we love our sunglasses, they can quickly become smudged and dirty with regular wear.

Don't let grime ruin your favourite accessory in five easy steps.

You can keep your shades sparkling all season long with proper sunglasses care!

Whether you're hitting the beach or lounging by the pool, these simple cleaning tips will ensure your sunglasses stay clean and ready to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

So grab a microfiber cloth and get ready to shine!

Here's how to clean your sunglasses like a pro!

5 Simple Steps To Keep Your Sunnies Sparkling

If your sunglasses look a little lackluster, don't fret - with some elbow grease, you can get them sparkling clean in no time!

Here are easy steps for proper sunglasses care, so you can keep your favourite sunnies looking great:

Step 1: Clean Your Hands

Ensuring your hands are thoroughly cleaned is the initial step to proper sunglasses care. It's essential to avoid transferring any oil or dirt present on your skin to the frames during the cleaning process.

Wash your hands using soap; avoid lotions and other additive ingredients to avoid smudging.

Once you're done washing, dry your hands with a towel that doesn't leave any specks of lint.

Step 2: Start With Some Lukewarm Water

The second step in sunglasses care is to rinse them under the tap with lukewarm water. It's vital to ensure you hold the frames under the faucet and rinse them properly, including the lenses.

Lukewarm water works best in removing dust and dirt particles. However, be cautious not to use hot water as it may damage specialized lens coatings.

Step 3: Get the Dishwashing Liquid

Use a small drop of dishwashing liquid per lens to clean your glasses effectively. Rub the liquid over both sides of the lenses using your fingertips and then over the entire frame.

While cleaning, pay extra attention to the parts of the glasses that are frequently in contact with your skin, such as the nose pads and temples.

If you don't have dishwashing liquid, you can opt for a glasses cleaning solution, but ensure it's approved for lens coatings. Be cautious not to over-spray the solution as it may lead to damage.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly

After cleaning your glasses with soap or a cleaning solution, hold them under running water to rinse off the frames.

This step will ensure that all the soap or solution residues are washed off thoroughly, leaving your glasses clean and clear.

Step 5: Dry With a Microfiber Cloth

Using a lint-free cloth is essential to avoid leaving behind any bits of lint or dust on your glasses, which can ruin your efforts in the last step.

After rinsing your glasses, gently dry them using the lint-free cloth. Hold them up to the light to inspect for any persistent smudges or debris that may still be present.

Once they pass the inspection, go ahead and put them back on.

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