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August 04, 2021

Best Father’s Day Gift: Top SOEK Sunglasses Picks

Best Fathers' Day Gift

Father’s Day is just around the corner and SOEK sunglasses are the best gift you can give your dad, husband, and the other father figures in your life.

Father’s Day is fast approaching and everyone is scrambling to find the best Father’s Day gift to give their dads, husbands, and other father figures in their lives. If you are hard pressed to figure out what you can give him, always go for style and above all, something he will love and use.

 Just like most dads, we bet utility comes first and this is exactly why a pair of high quality eyewear is a perfect gift for him. Show him how much he means to you this Father’s Day with top SOEK Sunglasses.


BALMORAL - Polarise Wooden Sunglasses with Black frame and Black Lens and Walnut Arms - Adult

Our best sellers include BALMORAL - Black Frame with Black Polarised Lens and Walnut Arms that he will surely love because it is lightweight, absolutely sturdy, a classic shape, and can protect him from sun glare with its Premium UV400 feature. Our DALTON - Black Sustainable Sunglasses also have the same features with stylish square edges and are cleverly designed for epic adventures.

BALMORAL two men smiling

Included in the package is either a hessian zipper case made from vegetable fibres for safer and better sunglasses storage or a 100% Biodegradable cork case.  Absolutely gift ready!                                     

He might have a pair already but what makes SOEK sunglasses stand out from the crowd is that it is made from sustainable materials and your dad will surely appreciate the gesture and the fact that it has a meaningful impact on our planet. 

The timber grain in each pair of SOEK sunglasses is unique and comes from ethically sourced and managed forests bound by the forestry management of the FSC.   

FORRESTERS -Black Sustainable Polarised Sunglasses with Walnut Wooden Arms and Blue Lens - Adult

They are specifically designed for utmost comfort, sustainability, and durability. The sunglasses have lightweight frames, extremely stylish design, and above all, they have Premium UV400 polarised lenses for superior clarity, colour, and protection. We adhere to the Category 3 High Protection standard against sun glare.

Each pair is handcrafted with love and special care and attention. They all have high quality spring-loaded hinges for a perfect fit.        

At SOEK, as much as we care about your style and protection, we also care a lot about our planet. We constantly look for ways to do things in a sustainable manner and help create a better world. We use only environmentally friendly processes from natural resources such as durable bamboo and hardwoods like maple, ebony, and walnut.

WINEGLASS BAY - Clear Sustainable Polarised Sunglasses with Walnut Wooden Arms and Blue Polarised Lens - Adult

Our materials are renewable, reusable, and recyclable. They are free from harmful and toxic elements. 

In this manner, we also get to help the ‘One Tree Planted’ organisation that focuses on global reforestation. We help them plant trees when you share a dollar in your every purchase and bring about more jobs, communities, and habitats for biodiversity. One dollar donation equals one tree. One Tree Planted logo


What better way to express your admiration, appreciation, and love for your father than with eco-friendly, high quality sunglasses that help build a better planet. Make Father’s Day even more special for them. Order yours today and get them superior quality SOEK sunglasses!