Best Sunglasses for Men: Cool Styles to Upgrade Your Look - Soek Sunglasses
April 12, 2022

Best Sunglasses for Men: Cool Styles to Upgrade Your Look

Let’s be honest, when we purchase a pair of sunglasses, we aren’t just thinking about protecting our eyes. We also want to look stylish and cool, right? Style and cool points are something that influences our choices no matter what season we’re in. Sure, the occasion and outfit details matter when it comes to selecting a pair of sunglasses, but you also want to ensure they are adding to the overall look. 

Best Sunglasses for Men: Cool Styles to Upgrade Your Look - Soek sunglasses

For 2022, men’s sunglasses trends are really coming in bold and hitting the cool factor. If you want to know all the tips to pick the right pairs this year, keep on reading. 

2022 cool sunglasses styles for men 

  1. Retro is the new modern - The awesome thing about fashion is that trends always come back around. We create a style or trend, it dies down, then years later it’s revamped and cool like it never left. The same goes for sunglasses.

    Round frames blew up in the 1930s and are still making heads turn today! Add great eye-catching colour to the lens, and you have a real winner. If you love this style, our Wineglass Bay - Clear are right up your alley. 

  2. Cool Oversized D-Frames - While big sunglasses may not be for everyone, oversized D-Frame shaped sunglasses are definitely making waves this year. This classic style is great with casual outfits, but also pairs well with a nice suit. The versatility of this style makes it a top pick for cool sunglasses to have. Check out our Dalton - Black sunglasses. 

  3. Classic wayfarer - There’s nothing like a sleek pair of black framed, black lens sunglasses. It’s a look that never dies down, and there’s really no wonder why. The wayfarer style is a go-to for men and goes well as an everyday pair of sunglasses.

    If you want to keep it simple but still achieve great style points, the wayfarer is the way to go. Our Balmoral is a great pair in this classic style. 

  4. Bold wooden frames - This is a trend that we absolutely love and can definitely get behind. Wooden frames add so much character and interest to a look. You can elevate a really simple outfit with a great pair of wooden framed sunglasses. These are the type of sunglasses that star the show without any need for competition. This is a style that you need in your collection, and our Nomad - Black has you covered! 

  5. Fun white fashion frames - If you are ready to stand out from the crowd and really make a statement with your sunglasses, white frames are the way to go. Not only does white go with every complexion, but it also goes with every colour outfit. White frames are definitely made to grab people’s attention, while still being chic and easy to wear. And if the lens are a bright colour, they will stand out even more. 

    Best Sunglasses for Men: Cool Styles to Upgrade Your Look - Soek  Sunglasses

For your next beach trip or outdoor sporting event, our Burleigh White should be your companion. 

Ready to take your cool factor to the next level with your sunglasses? Follow this guide and add these styles to your collection!