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January 15, 2022

Buying Sunglasses: Is It Better To Buy Online?

Why You Should Buy Sunglasses Online

When compared to visiting to an actual brick and mortar store, the convenience and ease of online shopping may save a significant amount of time and effort.

Shopping online for glasses and sunglasses offers you the ability to browse thousands of designs and different products quickly and easily. It can be extremely convenient, giving you the ability to look whenever you want. Online stores give you the ability to shop around and often offer more discounts than brick and mortar stores might.

There are many advantages and some disadvantages to buying your glasses online, which we will go through now.

Pro: Convenience and Price

Buying your glasses online is very convenient, and saves you a trip to an optometrist. You can go through thousands of options online in a matter of minutes, and it allows you to shop on multiple sites at the same time. 

You’ll still need a prescription from an eye doctor, and you’ll need your measurements on hand when you’re shopping online. 

Buying glasses from an online shop can also save you some money, as these online shops typically offer more discounts than a traditional store. Buying online also allows you to shop around for the best price. 

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Con: Prescription and Fit Problems

Ordering online can be a bit intimidating. One of the benefits of visiting an actual optical store is that a trained professional can walk you through the process of selecting, fitting, and buying your glasses. They can ensure that your new glasses are the correct prescription and that they fit your face perfectly, which you can’t guarantee when shopping online. 

The quality of glasses purchased online can also be an issue. Since you don’t see them in person before they arrive, they might not be to your standards when they arrive. The lower price might be an indicator of the quality of the materials used. 

Prescription accuracy, fit and lens durability can also be an issue when shopping online. Glasses bought online will often have to be fixed by an eye care professional anyway, so shopping online might not be the best option. 


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Things to Consider

When it comes to buying glasses, there are a few things to consider, whether you’re planning on buying online or in-store:

  • If you’re comfortable with your prescription and fit, you can easily order new specs online
  • If you’re unsure about the frame and the fit, it may be better to get a professional to fit them for you in a physical store
  • Ordering glasses online allows you to compare from a bunch of different websites, which can make it easier to find the glasses you like the most
  • If you have specific prescription needs, it’s better to visit a physical store to get your frames
  • Insurance companies might not insure glasses from an online retailer

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting your new frames, whatever method you’re more comfortable with is the way to go. Just make sure of all the facts before you go and buy your new specs.