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January 15, 2022

Does The Lens Colour of Your Sunnies Matter?

Sunglasses: Does Lens Color Matter?

Depending on the protection and style you’re ‘SOEKING’, the colour of your lenses can enhance or distort certain colours. They can also make objects seem more vivid, while others work to block out light and reduce glare.

So, whether you spend most of your days indoors or outdoors, you’ll basically need to choose between a dark or light lens tint.

Dark tints are better for everyday use and will suit someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, as the dark lenses cut out glare and prevent eye damage in bright conditions. 

On the other hand, if you’re in low-level light situations but still spend time outdoors in snowy conditions, light tints will work great for you! Light colours tend to protect depth perception.

UV Protection over Lens Colour

Whether you’re into bright, popping pool side hues or more classic neutral lens shades, you must always ensure your sunglasses come with a 100% UV protection promise, no matter what colour lenses you choose.  

Refer to our colour lens guide that will tell you exactly what each colour means and what their ideal uses are:


This filters out blue light, thus reducing glare and eyestrain. Great for sports and everyday wear, come rain or shine!

This transmit colour accurately provide great contrast, making them ideal for water or field sports.


Shields bright light and reduces the glare on water, which makes it ideal for fishing. They also serve as multiwear, multipurpose lenses. These work great in sunny or cloudy conditions, which make them a popular choice. 


These work great in fog and mist, providing protection from reflective surfaces such as snow.

They also enhance the contours around objects, help with colour perception, and have a calming effect on the eye. 


Great for sports and skiing, red or rose-tinted lenses enhance detail and depth of field.

These are also a fan favorite for gamers and everyday computer users, as they block out blue light and reduce eyestrain.


These multifunctional lenses do everything from blocking out blue light to brightening your vision in indoor and outdoor low level light conditions.


Great for helping you recognize small objects from a distance. These coloured lenses are great for sports such as cricket and golf. The glare reducing colours always make sunny days more comforting to the eye and brighten up cloudy days.

These colours are not recommended for cloudy days or low-light conditions. 

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