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September 28, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Wayfarer Glasses

Ultimate Guide to Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames are a cultural touchstone. The iconic frames, which first appeared as sunglasses in the 1950s, have become some of the most recognized available today. Large and angular, they were designed for males initially, but have since found favour with women.

The Wayfarer shape is pretty much the industry standard for plastic frames regarding sunglasses. It features circular lenses in rectangular frames that lie horizontally over the bridge of the nose. The frame's upper corners protrude somewhat. They don't conform to the shape of the face and are slightly flat in the front.

The History Of The Glasses

The first Wayfarer spectacles debuted in 1956, and they were unlike anything the people from that period had seen. The initial design of Wayfarers resembled horn-rimmed glasses due to the dramatic upward curve of the frame at the outer borders. The layout was cutting edge for its time. New and highly fashionable, the people who wore Ray Ban Wayfarers reflected the spectacles' quality. Hollywood actors like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, often exposed to the harsh California sun, made them a fashion staple.

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How To Choose The Right Glasses For You

Wayfarers look best when they complement your face shape, your skin, eye color, and hair color.

It is essentially a horizontal rectangle that works very well for:

  • the frame's breadth. Oval faces may balance off the face's broadness.
  • Round faces complement broader, square designs because of the pleasing contrast created by the opposing proportions.
  • Frames with a greater width than depth and are ideal for those with square faces.

Remember that there are so many different styles of Wayfarers accessible nowadays that they may suit every face. How they appear on your face is what matters most.

Wayfarers shouldn't seem disproportionately huge or narrow on your face. Finding a happy medium is crucial.

Frame colour should also complement your complexion, eyes, and hair. Whether your shades are warm or chilly makes a huge difference.

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To Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

Knowing if you have warm or cool eyes, hair, and skin tone might assist you in selecting a Wayfarer frame that compliments your characteristics.

Your skin has a cool tone if it has a pink or blue cast. People with a cool tone usually have dark eyes, like, for example, deep blue-violet, nearly black. The hair might be strawberry blonde, platinum, blue-black, white, or auburn.

If your skin tone is warm, it may be described as  "peaches and cream." It becomes yellow or gold when tanned. You may have brown, blue, or blue-grey eyes and "dirty grey," "brownish black," "brown-gold," and "golden blond" hair.

If you have cool skin Black, silver, rose brown, blue-grey, plum, magenta, pink, jade, blue, and demi-amber (darker) tortoise will work well with your skin tone.

Colours like camel, khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, off-white, fire engine red, warm blue, and blond tortoise are all good choices for warm-toned frames.

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