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December 03, 2021

What Are Polarised Sunglasses?

What Are Polarised Sunglasses?

Squinting At The Beach Is Never A Good Look. Polarised Sunnies Are!

Picture this: You made it to your secret beach (tell us yours, and we’ll tell you ours, hint: it’s not Palmy!). It’s mid-October. The dolphins have arrived, and out on the horizon, you can see one, then two, then a pod of them playing in the waves! 

Just one problem. It’s so bright out that you begin to squint. So much so that your face starts to ache, and you think you’ve gone blind (thankfully, you haven’t!). 

SOEK® wearers don’t have this issue. When wearing our polarised sunglasses, we arrive at the beach, crack open a cold one (or two), and take in this incredible act of nature, squint-free. 

So, what are polarised sunglasses, and what exactly do they do? 

Ever caught your reflection in a mate’s pair of sunglasses and just thought: Wow, I look great today? No, just us? Well, if it hasn’t happened, we hope that painted a clear picture of the types of glasses we’re referring to.

Polarised glasses have a teeny-tiny film across the lenses that normally (to us, the non-scientists) look like a mirror. It’s actually a chemical compound… but more about that later. 

In essence, they prevent glare from entering your eye directly (Sutton, 2019). Our eyes capture light that is deflected off multiple angles. However, when the area is smooth, flat, and highly reflective (i.e. the sea and snow), more light is reflected into our eyes as the light waves have not been scattered! 

Why is this a bad thing? 

Well, as you’re all aware (or at least should be - no one is tougher than the sun!), the sun’s rays damage our skin, which may lead to cancer and all sorts of nasties. But did you know that too much exposure to UV rays (what the sun is made up of) also affects our vision and can lead to issues with our eyes in the future? Though we don’t know the full effects of UV rays on our vision, one thing is certain – too much exposure is bad for us. It can lead to serious medical conditions in the future (Team, 2017). 

So, how do polarised sunglasses protect our eyes? 

Polarised sunglasses & how they work– the breakdown. 

Remember that mirror-chemical-compound-film we mentioned earlier? The molecules that make it up naturally align themselves in parallel. Most of the glare we absorb comes from a horizontal surface (from the sea, snow even a lake) and alas, produces horizontally polarised light. Therefore, polarised lenses are fixed at a horizontal angle to absorb the horizontal glare and only allow vertical light through (that’s the light that doesn’t align with them so it can get past) (Tyson, 2000). 

Our top tip! How to know if the pair you want really work? 

First things first, if you’re buying one of our beautiful SOEK®’s, they abide by the NATA-Accredited Calibrations (if it sounds important, that’s because it is!) so whichever design you desire, rest assured your eyes will be protected! 

If you chose against us (we’re not really sure why that could be, but), we still want you to keep your eyes protected. 

So, before you buy: (Tyson, 2000) 

  1. Find a reflective surface
  2. Look towards that surface through one of the lenses
  3. Now rotate the glasses to a 90° angle
  4. Does the glare increase or diminish



Put them down, reverse back slowly 



Smile! You just found a new pair of sunnies!

Why go polarised and especially with SOEK®? 

  • Each lens is UV400 (100% UVA/UVB) and adheres to Category 3 High Protection against sun glare.
  • All wood used in the making of our snazzy eyewear is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • They include a spring-loaded hinge so no matter the size of your head, our glasses will fit you like a dream.
  • Wearing polarized sunglasses is an act of prevention, best prevent than have to face the harsh effects of the sun later on in life.
  • You can enjoy the dolphins, all season long – without having to squint! 

The biggest challenge you’ll have? Picking your favourite pair! 

Our faves 

Now that we’ve swayed you to make the beneficial choice of using polarised sunglasses, here are a couple of pairs that you won’t be able to resist! 

LILA GRACE CHARCOAL GREY - Polarised Sunglasses Soek

Lila Grace Charcoal Grey

A perfect balance of style and comfort so whether you’re on the school run or heading to the beach, you’ll look the part and feel great! 

WINEGLASS BAY - Polarised Sunglasses Soek

Wineglass Bay

If cool were a pair of sunglasses, they’d look exactly like this. The design speaks for itself. Get yours now. 

Loved those but want to see more? Click the button below and surf the site! 



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