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January 15, 2022

Sunnies vs Sunglasses - Is There a Difference?

Sunnies vs Sunglasses: What is the Difference?

Whether it's for protection from the sun or worn as a statement accessory, sunglasses and sunnies can be regarded as the same thing but are referred to differently depending on where you reside in the globe, they all serve the same purpose: looking fashionable while blocking your eyes from harsh UV rays.

America vs Australia

Commonly referred to as sunglasses in the United States, sunnies on the other hand is a colloquial term native to Australia and New Zealand. 

But let’s take a further ‘look’ into the history of the naming convention to understand these terms better.

Americans often use the word sunglasses, as it was seen as more of a necessary means to block out the sun rather than a fashion accessory.

But down under in Australia, ‘sunnies or specks’ were merely derived from the Aussies habit of shortening words and adapting them to end with an ‘ie’ sound.

‘Sonnenbrille’ and ‘glecks’ are also common terms you will hear in countries like Germany and Scotland. With almost nine hours of sun exposure during Italy’s summers, Italians of all ages can also be seen strolling around town with their ‘Occhiali da sole’ (sunglasses).

Whatever you call them and wherever you sport them, just make sure you wear them for protection and as a finishing touch to your look.

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Polarized, tinted lenses and sunglass trends for 2021

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Things to consider when choosing the right pair for you:

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  • The trend forecast points to bright, popping colors that catch the eye.
  • Don’t put the price before quality when choosing a pair. The right sunnies may set you back a pretty penny, but they’re an investment.
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Where Can I Find Fashionable, Eco-Friendly Sunnies?

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