NOMAD Rosewood frame with Black polarised lens
May 01, 2020

Why SOEK Polarised Lenses?

Why You Need to Purchase SOEK Polarized?

In a recent survey (conducted during Covid-19 social distancing) with a wide demographic (pretty much just the people who live in my house), it demonstrated that 6 out of 5 people were unaware of the benefits of polarised lenses. After I recovered from my initial shock at this completely fictitious statistic, I realised that until recently, I was also one of those people. Of course I have always pretended to know what polarised meant because we all know that is a question everyone asks when they are buying sunglasses.

So I guess the question here isn’t necessarily “are these lenses polarised” but more why are we asking for polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses have always been the lens of choice for people who spend a lot of time on the water as they block glare from light reflecting off the surface of the water better than any other type of sunglass lens. However polarised lenses aren’t just for the water lovers, they are for anyone who is bothered by glare outdoors and an excellent choice for driving due to their ability to reduce reflections from flat surfaces such as the hoods of vehicles and light-coloured footpaths.

DRIFTER man smiling

And was that a “how do SOEK polarised lenses work?” that I heard from the back row? So happy you asked (mainly because I know the answer to this one but please don’t ask any other questions!) Sunlight scatters in all directions, but when it hits a flat surface, the light reflected becomes polarised. The reflected light travels in a more uniform, usually horizontal direction creating an intense light that causes glare and reduces visibility. Polarised lenses have a special filter that blocks this type of reflected light which works to reduce glare and discomfort.

Now armed with this newfound knowledge, you can go boldly into the world and ask…” are these lenses polarised?” Because now you know why you are asking. If you happen to be choosing your new pair of Soek sunglasses however, there is no need to ask if the lenses are polarised as our complete range comes standard with UV400 polarised lenses.