Reading Glasses Vs Prescription Glasses Soek
January 15, 2022

What’s the difference between reading glasses and prescription glasses?

Reading Glasses Vs Prescription Glasses: Everything You Need To Know!

You’ve definitely seen someone wearing prescription glasses, if you don’t wear them yourself, and you have most likely seen magnifier reader glasses. But what’s the difference? Why go through the hassle of booking an appointment with the ophthalmologist or optometrist when you can just get a pair of magnifying, also known as reading glasses, over the counter?


Unlike prescription glasses, reading glasses don’t improve your eyesight. What they do is magnify the print of the text that you’re reading. This means that they don’t address the actual issues with your vision or sharpen it. 

Prescription Glasses Soek Sustainable

Prescription glasses are tailored to your eyes. A visit to an optometrist or ophthalmologist will allow you to get your one-of-a-kind prescription. It’s unlikely that both your eyes will need the same level of correction. 

A prescription allows each lens to focus on the optical centre for each eye, which varies somewhat between individuals. Without it, you may find yourself shifting your head to see appropriately. Only prescription glasses can correct for astigmatism, nearsightedness, or other factors that contribute to blurry vision.

When you need both prescription and reading glasses

It is possible to get a pair of prescription glasses with a magnifier, which allows you to get the best of both worlds. If you’re experiencing vision problems, the best step is to consult an optometrist to get the treatment that’s best for you. 

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