Since When Are Glasses Cool? Soek
January 15, 2022

When Did Glasses Become a Fashion Statement in Australia?

Since When Glasses are Cool in Australia?

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Glasses are all the rage in Australia. If you were to go for a stroll on any street while you're there, you’d most likely lose count of the number of people you see wearing them. Even people who don’t require prescription glasses are now rocking them just for style.

But why?

If the question was “Why do so many people in Australia wear glasses?” then providing an answer would be easy. 1 in 2 Australians suffer from some form of long-term eye condition after all. 

Glasses becoming more commonplace could certainly play a part in explaining how they shifted from being social suicide to chic and trendy, but there are still other factors to be considered.

The number of choices you have when choosing a pair of glasses is one of them. There is more variety in the market than ever, so you can easily pick a pair that perfectly suits your sense of style while complementing your face.

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The final reason is Hollywood. It’s a proven fact that anything celebs wear becomes a trend, and countless celebrities have sported glasses. They’ve also graced the runway countless times.

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