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January 20, 2023

Wooden Sunglasses, Why Does It Matter?

4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Wooden Sunglasses

The fashion industry is constantly changing. There are always new trends to follow and new things to purchase to stay trendy. However, we often ignore that there is a dark side to fashion known as fast fashion, where waste and pollution reign, and it is constantly harming our environment.

This has led many companies to seek alternative ways of producing items and ensuring that the materials used are sustainable and eco-friendly. One fashion item most people may not consider when thinking about fast fashion is sunglasses.

How do plastic sunglasses affect the environment?

Plastic sunglasses are usually cheaply made and typically won’t last very long. They’re made to match current trends, then discarded once the trend is over. This leads to more plastic waste being created each year.

Plastic frames and lenses contribute thousands of tons of plastic waste in landfills across the world yearly. These then break down into microplastics which pose a major threat to our oceans and wildlife.

These effects have led to companies becoming more sustainably aware and have led to the creation of great alternatives, like wooden sunglasses. But wooden sunglasses aren’t just great for the environment; they’re also great for consumers. Let’s look at why

What are the benefits of wooden sunglasses?

  1. Lightweight  

    Even though wood is a very durable material, wooden sunglasses are actually very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The sturdiness of the frames allows it to sit on the nose without sliding, as plastic glasses are known to do.

  2. Great for sensitive skin  

    If you have sensitive skin, you know you have to be extra careful about the products you use and any items that may come in contact with your skin. With wood being a natural material, you are less likely to have allergic reactions from wearing your wooden sunglasses.

  3. Rustic yet stylish 

    When many people think of wooden sunglasses, they may not have the most accurate image in mind. Wooden sunglasses are sleek and polished to a smooth finish. They may come in both matte and shiny finishes and can elevate any outfit.

  4. Less damage to the environment

    Wooden sunglasses are far more sustainable than plastic sunglasses. Their durability and unique sleek designs inspire wearers to keep them for a very long time. Additionally, they are easily recycled due to the material used to make them.

Where to get the best wooden sunglasses?

If you’re going to purchase wooden sunglasses, you want to ensure you are making the right choice with the right brand. At Soek, we do all our checks and balances to ensure we are sticking with our promise of being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our sunglasses are made of our raw materials from durable bamboo and hardwoods and 100% sustainable timber from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited suppliers. All our materials are renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements.

Additionally, they’re stylish, comfortable and built to last, so you won’t have to sacrifice fashion and confidence just to remain eco-friendly.

These small changes in the way we consume fashion can have a positive, lasting impact on our environment. If you’re ready to make the change and shop sustainably, shop now!