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October 21, 2022

Your Style Guide For Bamboo Sunglasses

Everything You Need to Know about Bamboo Sunglasses

You have probably heard several times how wonderful, environmentally safe, and beneficial bamboo is. You might be wondering what it is about bamboo that makes it so desirable. 

Bamboo is one of the quickest-developing plants on the planet, maturing in only three to five years. It has a natural resistance to insects and rodents, so you won't need to use any chemical pesticides on it. Bamboo plants produce more oxygen, and they take up more carbon dioxide.

Woman wearing bamboo Sunglasses Soek

Wearing a pair of bamboo sunglasses doesn’t just positively affect the environment. It’s lighter, it fits better, and they’re extremely comfortable. It’s the perfect sustainable fashion accessory.

Bamboo also has the added advantage of being hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for anyone prone to allergy responses. The antibacterial qualities of bamboo are another of its many claims to fame. Bamboo grows so fast in the wild because of this innate defence mechanism against bacteria.

Another thing that makes bamboo sunglasses great is how versatile they are. You can pair bamboo glasses with any outfit. Still, saying that you can pair them with anything isn’t very helpful, so here are some tips on how to style bamboo sunglasses.

Pick a Pair that Fits the Shape of Your Face

You should select sunglasses carefully to provide a proper fit and maximum comfort, since each person's face is unique. On bright days, you'll need to shield your eyes from the sunlight for longer than usual. To that end, you should search for a set that snugly covers your face without falling off and doesn't push on your nasal bridge or forehead. In addition, you should ensure the frames are the right size so that light doesn't seep through the top or sides and that the arms are comfy.

Pick the Right Glasses for the Occasion 

You need to consider where you’ll wear your sunglasses before choosing them. The shape and size of the glasses you choose will influence the vibe of your outfit, so choose carefully. 

 Classic aviator sunglasses, for instance, are ideal for lengthy trips and beach days due to their glare protection. With their generally pleasing design, cat-eye sunglasses complement a high fashion appearance, while rectangular frames are more suited to athletic.

Couple wearing Bamboo Sunglasses Soek Australia

Use Color Effectively 

Pick some frames with a bold pattern or a simple block colour to draw attention to your eyes or to jazz up an otherwise understated ensemble. Tinted glasses aren't just a fun accessory; they can do wonders for enhancing your looks.

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